Posted on January 30, 2018 by Julie Short

Many of the business owners and executives who come to us think the idea of developing or implementing enterprise systems into their companies sounds exciting. However, they also tend to think it sounds complicated and expensive.

Fortunately, using enterprise systems – large-scale software solutions that can be put to work across an organization – is more about possibilities than it is costs and technical know-how. That’s particularly true in small and medium-size companies, which can often take advantage of streamlined answers to the challenges they face.

In fact, while some businesses tend to worry about the details involved with enterprise systems, they should be thinking about the opportunities. To ensure you’re seeing the bigger picture, today we want to take a quick look at three huge business problems you can solve quickly and affordably with enterprise systems…

#1 Data Entry and Automation

Most organizations don’t struggle with getting detailed information so much as they do managing it. When things like names, addresses, and customer specifics are outdated or incorrectly added to a system, chaos ensues. The same thing goes for employee and vendor records or information about ongoing projects.

With the right enterprise system in place, you can gather large amounts of data into a single source. Better yet, you can streamline the process of entering that data or even automate it altogether. That way, you and your team can stop wasting time on “busywork” and eliminate typos and other manual data entry issues from your business.

#2 Process Compatibility

In a lot of companies – and yours might be one of them – managers and employees use a combination of mismatched tools to accomplish what should be simple tasks. For instance, they might be using spreadsheets to organize customer contact details, a cloud application for documents, and a separate CRM for sales opportunities.

In this kind of configuration, problems can creep in the process when you try to take information from one tool or resource to another. With the right enterprise system in place, though, you can achieve process compatibility and move data from one place to another without losing time or accuracy.

#3 Customized Reporting

It’s one thing to have lots of data, and another thing to be able to use it effectively. With the right enterprise solution in place, you can sort thousands or millions of different data points together, sorting entries by time, location, user, or any number of custom markers you designate.

This is how you bring information to life, spot inefficiencies, and take advantage of opportunities as they develop. Whether you need instant access to specific information or customized reports that can be generated automatically at regular intervals, an enterprise solution can make it easier to get what you need.

Enterprise Systems Are About Efficiency

The first point we made to you is so important we want to restate it again here: using enterprise systems isn’t about adding huge sums of money to your IT budget or hiring dozens of coders. Instead, it’s about using software and smart ways to solve everyday problems that have been costing you time and money.

To learn more, or see how you can use enterprise systems to make your business run more smoothly, contact the WebRevelation team today for a free consultation!

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