Posted on March 9, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer



I finally decided it was time to explore Google Chrome.  Sure, I mocked their logo about a year ago, but really thought this browser thing was going to be another Google flop like Google Wave and Google Buzz. But I've been hearing about more and more people who really like the stability of the browser, and many of its features, so I decided to give it a try.


When I first downloaded it, my first thought was, "This is it?!"  It looked just like my Google sign-in screen.  Ah, but the wonder of this browser is in the optional plugins, apps and extensions, like Chrome to Phone, which allows you to easily send links to your Android phone.


As for the not-so-obvious-when-you-first-sign-in-but-important-basic features, for those who like to read international websites, Google Chrome automatically translates websites into your preferred language, which is very convenient.  The "omnibox" at the top feels more like a mobile browser, in that it accepts both urls and search inquiries.   Chrome has tabs like most of the other browsers have now, but they apparently only crash one at at time - which is helpful if you're like me and tend to have about a dozen open at any one time.  For more about the basic features, go HERE.


The market includes plugs for games like Angry Birds (Web Rev has more about Angry Birds here), Evernote (which I wrote about recently), and Gardens of Time (which I have not yet explored, but plan to now), plus tons of other stuff.  I'm not sure I'm ready yet to make this my primary browser, but I'm definitely going to spend more time using it.


Do you have a favorite browser, and what do you like about it?



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