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Full Body Scanner

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In case you don't watch TV or listen to the radio or read any other blogs but this one (ha!), you'll want to know before your holiday travel that airport security screening has gotten a lot more touchy-feely, and not in a good way.  Technology has now developed the ability for airport screeners to actually view your (and everyone else's body) under your clothes.  Yes, this teenage boys' universal dream for centuries has finally come true.  Unfortunately for the poor airport screeners, they get to see beneath EVERYONE's clothes, and I can only imagine that this is not always a desirable task.


For some reason, once the ability to view passengers' "wobbly bits," was developed by technology, it then became mandatory that EVERYONE's private parts be examined by the screeners.  For those screaming that this is all due to the attempted underwear bombing incident of Christmas, 2009, I strenuously object.  I live in Tulsa, OK, and had the dubious honor of finding out that the airport screeners CAN "touch this," on my last commercial flight in August of 2009.  Tulsa was one of the trial airports for these full-body scanners.  I went through the scanner, and STILL had to go through the full-body pat-down.  When I objected to having this done in front of all of the business men lined up to fly out that weekday morning, I was taken to a back room, and given what I can only say felt like a prison-intake exam.  It was very unexpected at the time, and unnerving.  (Remember, I mentioned this was in August 2009, BEFORE the highly-publicized underwear bombing incident, which happened a few months LATER, in December of 2009?)


Anyway, while I have been complaining loudly and annoyingly amongst family and friends (and refusing to fly ever since this incident), that this process is going to quickly be a haven for sex predators and perverts (I'm not the only one with this concern), it is also a fact that most of the screeners really do NOT,  in fact, savor their new job duties - in fact many hate them


The screeners are not the only ones at the TSA who are not having fun with their jobs, now.  Check out the TSA Blog Team (also @tsablogteam on Twitter), trying to convince the general public that the X-Ray images making the rounds on the web are photoshopped. 



Jennifer Pointer


Jennifer Pointer (e-mail) is in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. 

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