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5 Facts About Custom Web Application Development

5 Facts About Custom Web Application Development

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Thursday, March  8, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

5 Facts About Custom Web Application DevelopmentFor people who run companies, it can be difficult to separate facts from myths about web application development. 

On the one hand, nearly all business owners and executives are excited about the possibilities that come with having websites that can do more. Most realize they can reduce expenses, automate repetitive tasks, and kick their marketing into a higher gear with custom apps and plug-ins. On the other hand, many have to get past empty hype they’ve heard from web programming companies, or are carrying around misconceptions that web development has to be expensive, risky, or complicated.

To be sure you have the right ideas about web application development – and that you can take steps to put it to work in your business – let’s look at five real facts to keep in mind…

#1 You Use Custom Web Apps Every Day

Many of our new clients will tell us they aren’t that familiar with web application development, but most use custom online programming every day. That’s because almost all major websites use bits of code that been developed for specific purposes (shopping carts, marketing offers, detailed searches, etc.). Whenever you come across a website that does something besides displaying text and images, there’s a chance you’re interacting with a custom web app.

#2 Web Application Development Is a Business Issue

Although web application development might seem like a technical topic from the outside, it’s really more of a business issue. That’s because clients seek it out to add new features and functions to their websites. They want to collect more leads, streamline customer service, or simplify repeat orders. In other words, you work with the development team because you want to make your business more functional and profitable, not because you have an interest in seeing lines of code.

#3 Most Websites Aren’t as Functional as They Could Be

The idea that web application development has to be complicated often keeps businesspeople from pursuing profitable ideas and projects. Most websites simply aren’t as functional as they could be; they don’t have all the tools and resources needed to help customers, vendors, or employees get the information they need. If you ever get the feeling you want your website to do more than it is, you’re probably expressing a desire for web application development.

#4 Custom Web Programming Has Three Components

There are really three aspects that separate great web applications from the rest. The first has to do with design and visuals. You want your website to look great so you can impress customers. The second aspect is functionality. It’s obviously important that your application does what it’s supposed to. The third piece of the puzzle comes down to stability and security. That means your custom application should not only work, but be responsive without giving hackers an opening into your website. Don’t settle for any vendor who can’t work with all three of these priorities.

#5 We Can Help With Web Application Development

If you want to know more about web application development you could check back to our blog soon for more informative articles. Or, you could reach out to the WebRevelation team to schedule a free consultation. It won’t cost you anything, and we'll be happy to answer your questions and show you what it means for your business.


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