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7 Good Examples of Custom Software Development in Action

7 Good Examples of Custom Software Development in Action

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Tuesday, January  23, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

Conceptually, business owners and executives love the idea of custom software development. Who wouldn’t want an online tool that helps them save time and money while automating certain repetitive and expensive tasks?

Sometimes, though, they don’t know how to take those great ideas and put them into action. More specifically, even though they like the idea of custom software development, they aren’t sure how it can work for them.

There isn’t one answer that applies to every organization or situation, of course, but today we want to give some generalized examples of custom software development in action. Here are seven ways you can use a team like ours to add something special to your business or online presence…

#1 B2B Account Management

In the world of B2B sales and customer service, it often makes sense to let buyers handle details like memberships, recurring purchases, and shipping instructions on their own. With custom software, you can let customers manage their own accounts (and save yourself time and money in the process).

#2 Online Medical Patient Interfaces

Most of us have used an online portal of some kind to schedule a doctor’s appointment, update a medical history, or otherwise interact with a healthcare provider. These tools provide convenience, time savings, and confidentiality that wouldn’t be possible in person or over the phone.

#3 Student Portals for Schools and Universities

At most learning institutions, students can sign up for classes, download learning materials, and check on things like grades or schedules all from a simple custom software. Are there similar features you could use in your business or nonprofit?

#4 Customized E-commerce Solutions

No two stores are the same, whether they are online or off. Custom software development can be used to tailor the shopping experience, provide personalized marketing, or simply automate things like shipping and returns. Given that margins are so tight in e-commerce, this kind of programming can be a real money saver.

#5 Management and Scheduling Tools

Lots of managers use custom software to schedule employees, set up training sessions, and handle day-to-day documentation. That functionality can be convenient in any setting, but it’s especially valuable as a company or department grows and turnover increases.

#6 Financial Website Account Logins

Whether you realize it or not, you probably use secure custom software every day to interact with your financial institutions. These allow for the safe transfer of information, real-time updates, and the ability to do things like view and download statements.

#7 Volunteer Coordination Pages

Charitable groups and community associations use custom software development, too. That’s because specialized websites can help with scheduling and group activities, not to mention fundraising and management functions. There’s no organization, big or small, that can't benefit from the smart use of online tools.

Could Your Business or Nonprofit Benefit From Custom Software Development?

The most important thing to remember about the examples we’ve outlined above is that they are just generalized descriptions of bigger possibilities. In other words, what you need might fit one of these profiles, combine a few of them, or be completely different.

The best way to determine what you could do with a web development project, of course, is to speak with a team of specialists who have helped dozens of companies just like yours. Why not reach out to WebRevelation today so we can talk about the challenges you’re facing and generate a custom proposal for you today?

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