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Bringing Management On Board With Your Software Upgrade (Part 2)

Bringing Management On Board With Your Software Upgrade (Part 2)

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Friday, September  21, 2018 5 YEARS AGO

This is a continuation of the blog post "Bringing Management On Board With Your Software Upgrade". You can read part 1 here.

Use Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

If the executive or business owner you are working with isn’t a technical person or someone who uses the software in question every day, they may not understand the real-world benefits of what you’re proposing. You can help them by showing off a few apples-to-apples comparisons that focus on bottom-line benefits.

For example, software development can seem expensive until you relate it to the expense of buying a new vehicle, upgrading HVAC in a building, or writing off unsalable inventory. If you get a manager thinking in those terms, and comparing the benefits they would get from a similar expense in another department, they may begin to view your request in a new light.

Point Towards Outcomes

As we have already noted, the need for an upgraded software package isn’t always obvious to someone who isn’t using the application themselves. So, rather than pointing out all of the things that are wrong with your current solution, look for ways that you and your coworkers can improve your performance by making an improvement.

In many cases, explaining the benefits of a software upgrade means talking about time – time that is spent doing manual data entry or generating reports, time wasted while waiting for tasks to complete, and so on. The more time you’re spending, the more money you’re burning. Make that case to your manager so they can sense an opportunity to generate a profit rather than an expense.

Find the Free Money

Although many of our new clients don’t realize it, there are situations where businesses of all sizes can take advantage of federal grants to invest in software upgrades. In fact, the U.S. government has a special incentive fund, dubbed the Small Business Innovation Research Program, set aside specifically for this purpose.

Depending on what industry you work in, there is a chance you could use public money to upgrade your software and compete with bigger businesses domestically and abroad. Naturally, the availability of open grants can make it much easier to win approval for your project from a business owner or executive.

Appeal to Common Sense

In many situations, software is the biggest and most important tool the team will use in their daily work. It’s the computerized version of hammers and nails. While a business owner or executive might not grasp the exact shortcomings of the solutions already in place, they may understand if you simply explain that you need to modernize an application because it’s slowing you down or stopping you from meeting other objectives.

Often, the costs associated with software development are small compared to what it would take to improve a company in other areas. So, by appealing to basic business sense you might be able to nudge a reluctant decision-maker forward.

Want Help Understanding the Software Development Process?

You don’t have to make the case for upgrading your company’s software on your own. In fact, our team of experienced programmers can help you find the numbers, benefits, and fine print details you’re looking for.

If you feel like your business might be able to benefit from a software upgrade in the near future, contact WebRevelation today. We will make sure you understand everything you need to know to explain your idea to management or take the first steps forward.

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