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Five Free Tools for SEO Analysis

Five Free Tools for SEO Analysis

By Kendall Jarboe This blog was Posted on Thursday, July  19, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

Five_Free_Tools_for_SEO_AnalysisHave you ever been disappointed by SEO analysis tools that promised great results but didn’t deliver? If you have ever searched for ways to help your website’s SEO, then you know there are many devices that claim to offer proven results but don’t follow through. Here are five tools that you might have overlooked and that could help you in your SEO journey. The best part about these tools: they’re all free! Before you jump right into the best SEO analysis tools, make sure you understand the definitions of SEO jargon.

1. Google

Even though people think they should use sources other than Google for analysis help, Google actually has a plethora of great resources to boost your SEO. Before you dig into the myriad of devices that Google offers, the best place to start is always with Google Analytics. It’s good to know the numbers of where your website is at before you make any changes. This way, you’ll be able to tangibly see if the tools you’re implementing are working. Once you’ve explored your analytics, Webmaster Tools is basically your homebase for website support and learning resources. Speed is an important factor for SEO, and PageSpeed Insights is a wonderful tool that will analyze how fast the pages on your website are loading.

2. HubSpot’s Website Grader

One of the great things about this tool is how easy and quick it is to use. HubSpot’s Website Grader literally examines your website and gives it a score. While no one likes to be graded, the mindset for using this tool is similar to why you should use Google Analytics: know where your website is at so you can track its progress.

3. Link Checking

One of the hardest parts of website maintenance is keeping track of your links. Not only is it embarrassing when you find a link on your website that is corrupted, it’s bad for your SEO. There are many free resources available that will scan your website and check for broken links. Dead link checker and W3C Validators are fast, free and easy to use.

4. Infographics

An infographic is probably the most overlooked SEO tool that is popular and easily accessible. Because they make information easy to comprehend and appealing to look at, infographics work great for boosting your SEO. Infographics are sharable and linkable, which help with SEO. They are also great for easily bringing information about your company to smart phones. If you don’t naturally have a knack for creativity or design, not to worry! Infogram and Canva have many layouts to choose from and they make it very easy to customize.

5. WebRevelation

Nothing is better than getting advice personalized to you and your website. WebRevelation offers a full range of digital marketing optimization, and your over-the-phone consultation is totally free! When creating new websites, WebRevelation ensures that your online presence will make search engines happy. If you’re in the need for a brand new website that will increase your SEO, or if you simply need advice on your current website, contact us today.

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