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How to Get Traffic to Your Brand New Website

How to Get Traffic to Your Brand New Website

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Thursday, June  7, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

How-to-Get-Traffic-to-Your-Brand-New-WebsiteOne of the most exciting things about launching a new business is putting your brand-new website online. However, one of the most frustrating things about putting a fresh web presence on the internet is that it can take a while for customers to notice.

Attracting web visits can be a challenge for any business. For one with no history or name recognition, though, it can seem impossible to get buyers to find the site and refer their friends.

Today, we want to share a handful of quick and easy tips you can use to get your brand-new website off to a flying start. Here is how you can get the traffic you need, and more importantly, keep it coming…

Start With an Email Blast

Your first source of website traffic will probably come from people who already know you and are excited for the launch of your new business. Chances are you won’t have to send these folks an email to alert them about your new venture, but you should do so anyway (assuming you have their opt-in permission). Not only will it remind them that you're open for customers, but they may forward your message and generate referrals from their friends and colleagues.

Run a Few Paid Ads

Some entrepreneurs dislike the idea of using paid search and social media ads, particularly at a time when marketing budgets might be low. However, you can use advertising on Facebook and Google to narrow in on your perfect customers – whether you want to sort them by location, interest, demographics, or other factors – greatly increasing your odds of making those all-important first few sales. Online advertising can be a great way to kickstart your sales and brand recognition efforts.

Boost Your Content on Social Media

It’s not a bad idea to spend a few dollars boosting your content updates and email newsletters on Facebook, given that you can often reach thousands of buyers for less than you would spend on a cup of coffee. That’s a particularly attractive proposition for new businesses that don’t have much in the way of existing web traffic or awareness within a target market. Consider boosting your content with existing fans and others who are interested in the same types of products and services.

Borrow a Targeted List

You might not have any existing web traffic, but others in your industry probably do. It goes without saying that your competitors are going to send people your way, but what about colleagues in related fields? By guest posting to their blogs, or providing some kind of special offer they can promote through their email newsletter and social media profiles, you might be able to reach thousands of potential customers or clients who might not have otherwise heard of you.

Create Repeat Visits

You can use the tips we have given you so far to bring first-time visitors to your website. Don’t forget, though, that one of your important goals is to keep them coming back again and again. You can do that by having them sign up for an email newsletter, receive coupons through social media, or giving them some sort of instant and downloadable offer. Whatever method you choose, try to give them a reason to not only return to your website soon, but to tell their friends and contacts to do the same.

Looking to launch a brand-new website and see your business grow quickly? Talk to the WebRevelation creative team to learn more about our web design and online marketing services today!

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