Learning How to Create B2B Digital Catalogs, Part 3

Learning How to Create B2B Digital Catalogs, Part 3

By Leslie Brewer This blog was Posted on Thursday, October  15, 2020 3 YEARS AGO

If you’ve been following along with us then you know we have been sharing key information regarding the creation of B2B digital catalogs and what steps to follow.

You can read about the planning phase here, and also about creating rich content here.

Now, in the third and final part of our Creating B2B Digital Catalogs series, we will discuss the importance of creating a personalized customer experience.

Personalization is an integral part of what makes B2B digital catalogs so powerful, so it's something sellers need to prioritize.
Keep reading to find out steps your B2B business should consider when designing a personalized digital catalog.

Keep it personalized

Business-to-business product selling does best when a personalized customer experience is implemented. Meaning, what one company chooses to purchase is not the same as what another business will buy. 

So, rather than creating a generic, one-size-fits-all catalog for all buyers, hone in on creating customized catalogs. Businesses can accomplish this in several different ways, and below we have outlined three of the most effective methods.

Client-specific product assortments

Now that you have high resolution product images, now is the time to ensure that your digital catalog solution allows buyers to easily view the products they buy most frequently. Customizing your catalog for each business will also ensure that clients only view items that have been approved by management to purchase.

Filters ensure greater visibility of the products important to them and reduce buyer frustrating as they won’t be forced to search through thousands of items that are not applicable to them.

Client-specific pricing

More specifically, you may also choose to set different pricing tiers or promotional offers/incentives for each client, so ensure that your digital catalog displays the specific pricing for that particular customer. Setting specific pricing on digital catalogs also help your reps so they don't have to memorize complex pricing structures. 

Be sure to update the pricing regularly so that old pricing or expired promotional codes don’t frustrate clients. Remember that pricing should always be transparent so that buyers don’t have to jump through hoops to find out the price of each item.

Access to order history

Ensure that your digital catalog is properly storing previous purchases of your clients. Doing this gives your customers the ability to duplicate past orders and upsell or cross-sell opportunities according to buyer preferences, leading to a better customer experience.
All of the recommended steps above are provided to help make the customer experience better for buyers.

Easily viewing relatable products, having customized pricing, and access to past orders are all things that will save time for clients and will ultimately increase sales.

Ready to implement your B2B e-catalog? WebRevelation is here to help you optimize your new or existing digital catalog. We have over a decade of experience helping clients, and we would be honored to assist your business. Contact us at 817-283-3324 or reach out to us online.

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