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Software Upgrades: Obtaining Management's Buy-In Part 1 of 2

Software Upgrades: Obtaining Management's Buy-In Part 1 of 2

By Leslie Brewer This blog was Posted on Thursday, August  22, 2019 5 YEARS AGO

There are a few tell-tale signs that you need a software upgrade. That report you ran before leaving the office last night? It doesn’t have the most recent data included. Apps that crash when you need them most? They won’t cut it long-term. Neither will any application that creates more problems than it solves.

Even when the signs are clear, management is often hesitant to make upgrades. Sometimes, convincing your supervisor to invest in a new software development program is an uphill battle. It happens frequently when stakeholders prioritize other needs while shifting the outdated software challenges to the back burner. Those tough decisions are management’s responsibility to make, and there are ways frontline employees can help ease the headache from their management team.

The impact of these broken, outdated tools can be felt throughout your organization. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Use these tips to squeak a little more eloquently the next time you’re in need of an upgrade:

Let the Data Speak For Itself

Managers everywhere love data. No matter your industry, you’ll need hard numbers to support your request for a software upgrade. When weighing the pros and cons of such an ask, management will be more likely to respond positively if you have evidence of current issues. 

When possible, try to link the malfunctioning software to hidden expenses. If productivity is down and billable hours are being wasted because of the outdated apps, it’s easy to justify an upgrade. By outlining the ways in which your business is being held back by old software, you’ll bolster your argument in the most logical way possible.

Find Your Allies

Your boss has a lot on his/her plate. It comes naturally with leading a team. When you come to them with a request to bring your software into this century, they may deny your proposal due to budgetary restraints or for reasons you’re not privy to know. 

It’s easy, after all, to say no to one person or development team. It’s much more difficult to shoot down a request for updated software when it comes from multiple parties. This is why it’s so important to educate your colleagues about the impact an app is having on their workload. Requests seem more credible when they’re coming from multiple people, and your co-workers may actually have an argument to employ that you hadn’t considered.

Map Out Your Plan

The phrase “new software development plan” can send shivers down a manager’s spine. Depending on how familiar they are with the intricacies of technology your suggestion to upgrade software could inspire a gut reaction. Visions of vendor research and number crunching might dance through their head. It’s enough to scare off even the most easy-going manager.

If you’re serious about getting the upgrades you want, develop a thorough plan that answers questions before they’re asked. By taking the guesswork out of next steps, you’ll be on the road to yes.

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Part 2 of this article will be posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2019. Check back then!

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