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WebRevelation Enhances Choice Partners’ Website and Applications

WebRevelation Enhances Choice Partners’ Website and Applications

By Leslie Brewer This blog was Posted on Thursday, December  13, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

As we continue to look back on WebRevelation’s success with helping businesses succeed in the world of websites and applications in 2018, another company rises to the top of our mind. In 2016 we heard from our friends at Choice Partners, a purchasing cooperative, about the online challenges they were facing. In essence, they had a need to update their website and refine existing processes. Choice Partners serves both government entities and vendors. They provide RFP, procurement, and contract solutions that meet government purchasing requirements.

At the time, Choice Partners was limited with their website functionality in a variety of facets. To begin with, the login process was disorganized and complicated. Most attempted users had difficulty when it came time to submitting questions and receiving answers. By law, Choice Partners was required to make questions and answers public, yet it was not being done successfully. Vendors struggled to sell to government entities via the out-of-date online store.

Even though Choice Partners faced numerous challenges, the agency had the foundation of a solid website and did not need to completely reinvent the wheel. Instead, WebRevelation was able to build upon their current site with custom solutions and improvements. Integrating a new, custom system with the existing one is one way in which WebRevelation was able to save Choice Partners on expenses. A fresh website was designed, which now integrates seamlessly into the coop’s existing RFP system. On the front end, users now experience a unified system. The amount of user headaches decreased drastically thanks to gaining access through a single login to various resource areas. Coop members and vendors can now complete applications online in a simplified manner. Also, the updated portal allows government entities to easily shop approved vendors. That’s not all though. As far as the administrative functionality, Choice Partners has gained the ability to handle bidding questions through a built-in database and to manage, assign, and publish contracts online. Today, Choice Partners is attracting bids from a larger number of experienced vendors.

WebRevelation is dedicated to building modern, user-friendly websites and intelligent application symptoms. We want to help your company thrive, just like we helped Choice Partners. We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your business needs with you. Call us today at 817-283-3324 to set up a complimentary consultation or complete this form.

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