WebRevelation Overhauls E-Commerce Platform for Family Owned Storm Shelter Company

WebRevelation Overhauls E-Commerce Platform for Family Owned Storm Shelter Company

By Leslie Brewer This blog was Posted on Thursday, December  20, 2018 4 YEARS AGO

As 2018 comes to a close, the Team at WebRevelation wants to thank our clients and blog readers for another successful year! We are blessed to have new and existing customers who believe in the work we do. We’re excited about all that 2019 has in store for our company as we continue to grow our business. 

It’s clients of ours like Ground Zero Storm Shelters that we were able to help transform their e-commerce business through both a new website and custom web-based application development. Based in Oklahoma, Ground Zero is a multi-generation, family owned and operated business that focuses on providing personal security and natural disaster protection. They prebuild high-end shelters such as outdoor storm cellars, safe rooms, and underground garage storm shelters for customers throughout the country.

Intuitive and Efficient Changes

Ground Zero previously faced numerous challenges with managing their complex pricing structure in the area of tracking and reporting. Like many other companies, they were using spreadsheets to conduct their business rather than relying on easy-to-use, intelligent custom web-based applications. Also, their previous website did not allow the ability for customers to make online deposits, yet those deposits were required for order placement. Overall, there were numerous areas of opportunity for greater efficiency both in technology and a variety of business practices. 

Unfinished Project Challenges

Ground Zero had actually been working with a different developer to make some much-needed changes to their website and ordering processes prior to engaging with WebRevelation. However, as the project evolved and became more complex, the developer couldn’t handle the demand and Ground Zero was left with unanswered questions and an entirely unfinished project. Unfortunately, we have heard of that type of situation happening all too often with other web companies. 

WebRevelation Overhauls Website and Ordering

WebRevelation sprang into action and immediately began working on planning and executing the overhaul of Ground Zero’s website and ordering systems. Streamlining processes and improving efficiency were crucial aspects that WebRevelation made possible. Functionality was added to automatically perform down payment percentage calculations and complicated, zip code pricing. Ground Zero’s site was also integrated with QuickBooks to support more efficient business practices. Additional backend upgrades linked each customer’s notes with their account information for easy reference and implemented reminders to collect any additional information needed to proceed with production and installation. Automated systems were also added for workforce management of installation and warranty teams, allowing work assignments to be made based on availability and worker skill sets. 

Interested in learning more about other companies we have helped? Read more here.

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