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What Do Mobile Customers Want Online?

What Do Mobile Customers Want Online?

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Friday, May  25, 2018 6 YEARS AGO

What Do Mobile Customers Want Online?If you’re a business owner or executive who cares about online marketing, you’ve undoubtedly come across some of the eye-popping statistics around mobile web usage. Smartphone and tablet users now make up the clear majority of all internet users. Google estimates that 25% of its searches originate from mobile devices. Mobile ecommerce is poised to overtake purchases from laptop and desktop computers in the near future.

These realities about the changing online landscape show up again and again. What’s missing, for a lot of decision-makers, is a sense of what to actually do about it. It’s one thing to know there are lots of customers and prospects using mobile devices, and another thing to figure out what they want from you.

So, how can you keep mobile website visitors happy? Let’s take a look at a few things we’ve learned designing websites for businesses and nonprofits over the last few years…

Your Website Needs Mobile Compatibility

This might seem like a basic and obvious point, but it’s one that a lot of business people seem to miss. If the majority of your customers (or even just a large percentage of them) are arriving through phones and tablets, then it only makes sense that your website should be accessible through these devices.

Note that you don’t have to lose your existing layout or features to be mobile-compatible. In fact, most of our clients opt for responsive web design that changes its appearance and display based on different screen sizes and platforms. With just a little bit of coding, you can create a web presence that’s accessible to all your customers.

Mobile Web Users Like Speed

It’s a known fact that today’s internet searchers and customers are a lot less patient than they used to be. That’s especially true when they are viewing your site on a small screen or a connection that isn’t coming through a cable.

If you want to hold the attention of your mobile customers then you should do everything you can to speed up the delivery of your pages. That could mean opting for faster web hosting, or it might involve optimizing images, layouts, content blocks and even plug-ins. There are a lot of ways you can speed up your site, and they’ll all help you to win more business from customers using phones and tablets.

Mobile Customers Want Interactivity

It goes without saying that your website needs to act as a sales funnel, guiding searchers through multiple questions or pieces of information until they are ready to complete a purchase, make a call, or perform some other action.

However, when it gets to that all-important conversion step, you don’t want mobile users to feel like it’s a hassle to work with you. So, you should consider replacing long forms or complicated menus with simple buying prompts or click-to-call buttons. You’ll increase your response rates with all types of buyers, and especially mobile users.

Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Work?

If you don’t have an online marketing strategy, or if you aren’t convinced the one you have is leading you in the right direction, now is a great time to schedule a free consultation with the WebRevelation team. Contact us at our offices in San Antonio and Oklahoma City today. We will be happy to review your current website with you and show you how you can start getting more from the internet.

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