What Information Should Be on the Home Page of a B2B Website?

What Information Should Be on the Home Page of a B2B Website?

By Julie Short This blog was Posted on Thursday, October  26, 2017 6 YEARS AGO

What Information Should Be on a B2B HomepageWhether you are building a new B2B website or updating your current site, figuring out what should go on the home page is often the hardest part. The days of keyword stuffing the home page to get it ranked by Google are long gone. Today’s home page should be all about connecting with your audience and enabling them to find what they want as quickly as possible.

Sadly, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, this is the exception rather than the rule. “Most B2B sites emphasize internally focused design, fail to answer customers' main questions or concerns, and block prospects' paths as they search for companies to place on their shortlists.” On a happier note, this dearth of good B2B home page content means that, with a few best practices, you can easily outdo competitors.

With that in mind, here’s the information you may wish to feature on your home page.

Your brand message: This can include a memorable, relevant tagline as well as a summary of your value proposition or USP. Remember, this is not the “About Us” page! Keep this summary focused on what matters to the customer—their pain points or opportunities.

A brief welcome message: One of the best ways to do this is with a video clip. It should NOT start playing automatically, but it should be easy to find. Keep it simple, tell visitors why you’re glad they are here, how you hope to help them, and end with an invitation to learn more.

Social proof: Testimonials are some of the most powerful content you can have on your site. Don’t hide it away on a separate page. Feature it prominently on the home page. Capterra offers tips on doing testimonials the right way here.

Informative, authentic pictures: Photos provide information to your site visitors as well. People pick up on a lot about your business when you feature a photo of employees at your facility or a real customer using your products/services. Stock photography only tells them you know how to buy an image license.

Recent content: Don’t overwhelm your homepage with a newsfeed, but do make it possible for visitors to see what’s going on with your blog. It makes them feel that you’re taking care of your site—and that you’ll take care of them as a customer.

A call to action: What’s the next thing you want the web visitor to do? More important, what did they come to your site to do? When people land on the home page, they may not know where to go next. Provide direction in the form of a call to action that helps move prospects farther into the funnel.

Contact information: Put an email address, phone number, and physical address for corporate headquarters on the home page (in the footer section) so that visitors can find it immediately. Don’t hide this info in a contact form!

Bonus Tip #1

Besides making your site easy to navigate, include a search box so visitors can find what they want without having to click through multiple pages.

Bonus Tip #2

Don’t link out to your social media accounts from the home page unless you have a GOOD reason to do so. Remember, once visitors leave your site and hit LinkedIn or Facebook, they will be exposed to distractions and even ads from your direct competitors.

Business users are on your website to learn more about your company, evaluate your credibility, understand more about your brand, or find a specific piece of information to help them make a decision. Increase your chances of getting a seat at the bidding table by making your home page remarkable! For more insights and a web review, contact Web Revelation today.

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