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Why Custom App Development and B2B E-commerce Go So Well Together Part 2

Why Custom App Development and B2B E-commerce Go So Well Together Part 2

By Leslie Brewer This blog was Posted on Thursday, October  3, 2019 5 YEARS AGO

In this week’s blog, we’re discussing the benefits of custom app development for B2b e-commerce organizations. It’s part two of a series we’re doing on the subject – go back and read part one if you haven’t already done so!

Master Inventory Challenges

In a perfect world, retailers would be able to quickly gauge their inventory and make adjustments based on sales forecasts. Unfortunately, though, e-commerce entrepreneurs often piecemeal their tools for orders, inventory, and sales projections. Even when the information is available across platforms, it’s often difficult to come to useful conclusions about what to stock. 

With a custom app, on the other hand, e-commerce businesses can easily check in on their inventory and gauge supply and demand on the go. What’s more, automated inventory options can reflect returns, purchases, and deliveries. Because you know exactly what’s in your warehouse at any given moment, it becomes easier to make decisions about manufacturing orders.

Better Buyer Relationships = Better Business

Too often, B2B companies focus solely on the relationships they’re building with their clients. While it’s true that your clients are indeed signing the checks, it’s foolish to ignore the elephant in the room. Buyer relationships need to be nurtured, even from a distance. While your staff may or may not have direct conversations with the end consumer, you’ll want to ultimately focus your efforts on establishing better buyer relationships. 

Let’s consider the ways in which the average warehouse inventory tracking system could benefit buyer relationships. With a custom app, you can quickly and easily facilitate the automation of regular purchases. Because a custom app can also replace much of the existing CRM solutions in place, it’s also easier than ever to entice customers into buying larger orders more frequently.

Ultimately, all we have are our relationships with others. Finding tools to help strengthen those bonds is critical for ongoing success. Anyone can build a business and find initial success, but in order to sustain relationships with customers, you’ll need a custom CRM app.

Put Custom Programming to Work for Your B2B E-Commerce Business

Custom programming offers a wealth of exciting possibilities for busy business owners. We know you’ll be thrilled to see how much a custom app can change your daily operations for the better. WebRevelation has over a decade of experience creating custom applications and website development for the manufacturing, home builder, schools, and e-commerce industries, just to name a few. That’s why WebRevelation offers no-obligation consultations for new clients hoping to harness the power of custom programming for their business. Get started now to see just how much of an impact we can have on your B2B business!

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