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About Choice Partners Cooperative

Choice Partners is a purchasing cooperative that provides RFP, procurement, and contract solutions that meet government purchasing requirements. As a core business partner acting as a hub for complex transactions, Choice Partners has a dual role of serving both government entities and vendors. The company focuses on providing compliant and competitively bid contracts as well as direct facilities consulting services.


Website Development

Application Development


January 1, 2017

Choice Partners faced several issues with its website interface, starting with the login process that was scattered and complex. In addition, bidders were experiencing an obstacle with submitting questions and reviewing the answers. This was an issue the cooperative needed to address promptly to make Q&A publicly available as required by law. The antiquated online store also made it difficult for qualified vendors to sell to government entities. While there were several problems to resolve, the agency did not need to completely replace all their systems. Rather, they sought to maximize and refine existing resources with targeted improvements to achieve their goals.


WebRevelation developed a new website that integrated seamlessly into the coop’s existing backend RFP system. On the front end, users encountered a unified system accessible through a single login with automatic, permissions-based access to various resource areas. Coop members and vendors could complete applications online, and the updated portal allowed government entities to easily shop approved vendors at discounted prices. From an administrative standpoint, Choice Partners gained the ability to handle bidding questions through the built-in database and to manage, assign, and publish contracts online, including all the supporting documentation.
Key Benefits
•    Improved user experience for government entities and vendors
•    Saved money by integrating new solution integrated with existing systems rather than doing a complete overhaul
•    Supported compliance with regulations for transparency, due process, and more
•    Made solution more appealing to government entities seeking a procurement partner
•    Allowed the coop to attract bids from a larger number of qualified vendors
•    Made replenishment easier through modernized online shopping experience

I have hired WebRevelation for multiple web sites and appreciate that the team comes up with solutions for each obstacle. WebRevelation always delivers the programming promised at a reasonable price. Once I found WebRevelation, I no longer had to hire designers or people who write copy who masquerade as programmers! I found the real thing.

Louise Henry, Former Choice Partners Marketing Consultant

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