Posted on March 15, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer


Japan Bear



Watching a tragedy like the one happening in Japan right now can make us feel so frustratingly helpless.  We would like to help, but how? Some of you may already be connected or involved in relief efforts for Japan, but for those wondering how to help, here are a few creative resources.


Twitter has a list of relief-effort postings on the #HelpJapan which is updating very quickly.  The list is sponsored by the Red Cross, and includes posts from thousands of people all over the world who are praying and financially supporting the efforts.


Google is helping to coordinate the effort for people in shelters to find their loved ones. PC Mag has info, and the developing list is here.


Second Life, the virtual world, is selling virtual bears to raise funds amongs its residents to help the people of Japan.  The photo above is one of many submitted to Koinup, a virtual-world art site, where artists have posted their digital art and photo manipulated works inspired by the events in Japan, and helping to promote the relief efforts.  See more HERE


Remember, whatever you do in the way of donating, make sure to do your research, and make sure you are donating to a reputable source which can be trusted, not only with your donated funds, but also with the information about the credit card or account you are donating from.



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