Posted on July 11, 2019 by Leslie Brewer

cell phone on top of white paperIn part one of our blog series about custom applications, we explored the differences between them and the native apps found commonly on smartphones. While both have their benefits, custom apps are ideal for any organization hoping for specific solutions to specific challenges. Businesses large and small can benefit from a custom app designed with their needs in mind.

But what kind of problems can custom apps solve? How are they different from the apps already found on our phones or computers? Why should anyone bother investing time or money in custom app development? Isn’t custom app creation expensive? 

The answers may surprise – and even delight – skeptical entrepreneurs.

If You Can Dream It...

Imagine you’re a gardener hoping to transform your backyard into a wonderland. Maybe you’re envisioning gorgeous flowers, old oak trees, or a flashy water feature to delight your guests. Whatever your goal, the hardware store down the street may disappoint you. When it comes to creating something unique and wonderful, the options on the shelf are often underwhelming.

Similarly, anyone hoping to solve a problem or build something unique may find off the shelf solutions unpalatable. The good news? With the right collaborators, you can bring your custom app development dreams to life. Custom apps can help with retail sales, customer relationship management, request for quotes or proposals, human resources and more. No matter your goals, we can help you fill in the technological gaps and bring a custom solution to life.

...You Can Build It

Take a hands-on approach with WebRevelation. Our custom-built applications are developed with your specific requirements in mind. We work with the systems you’re already using to integrate new technology with tried and true methods. Not only will this process help bridge old and new tech, but it can also help you align your goals for the future with current initiatives. As you grow, so can your app – scalable solutions are key to any successful custom application.

Perhaps you don’t know where to begin. That’s okay, too. The WebRevelation team can guide you through the process, helping you determine which challenges to tackle first and how best to integrate new technology with old standbys. The custom approach we take to application development can be found in the relationships we build with our clientele, too. Just like our easy-to-use custom apps, the services offered by WebRevelation are affordable and convenient.

Whether you’re a digital native or a begrudging adapter, the difference between native and custom apps is obvious. The only question remains: when will you put custom technology to work for your organization? Learn more about WebRevelation services by calling 817-823-3324 and get started today.

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