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Custom-tailored web applications that are specific to your business needs

hands pointing to paper on top of deskYour organization is unique in its mission, products, services, operations, market and culture. So, why should you be forced to “make do” with off-the-shelf software or pricey applications with irrelevant bells and whistles?

Instead, look to WebRevelation for custom web-based business software to fulfill your specific operational and business-process needs. We are a proven developer of easy-to-use Web applications that help organizations communicate more effectively and operate more efficiently. And, our well-conceived and solidly built apps are reasonably priced for organizations ranging from small practices to large enterprises.

Clear advantages to custom web-based applications

With a custom-built online application from WebRevelation, get exactly what you need to satisfy your requirements and environment.
  • Our web-based applications readily integrate with your legacy systems.
  • They help you bridge new and existing technology, align current and future initiatives, and create synergy among operations.
  • Web applications are extremely scalable to flex with your organization’s growth and fluctuating volumes.
  • Web applications are inherently maintenance-free.

View our Portfolio   Our web applications address such areas as:


Custom Web Application Client: Choice Partners Cooperative

Choice Partners provides quality services, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. It serves governmental entities, including school districts, private and charter schools, colleges and universities, municipalities, counties, and nonprofits.

Choice Partners WebsiteWebRevelation created an efficient, web-based software solution. Our Request for Proposal (RFP) Interface System for Choice Partners:

  • Handles bidding questions through the built-in database
  • Allows cooperative members and vendors to complete applications online
  • Grants members and vendors access to specific resource areas
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WebRevelation’s application development capabilities span:

  • Web application development & management
  • Mobile application development & management
  • Custom business software development
  • Enterprise platform development
  • Rapid application development
  • Code perfection
  • Product sustenance
  • Rich Internet application development
  • Database-driven applications
  • User interface design
  • User experience testing
  • Web-based custom applications that perform as promised

Have a web application project on tap? Want to discuss how a WebRevelation custom application could improve efficiency, solve a particular business challenge, or help your organization seize an opportunity? Contact us today and we’ll respond promptly to your request.

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