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Destiny Network Alliance is a network of national & international business leaders & ministers. DNA mentors and trains business leaders and pastors through seminars and intensive personal coaching to help them understand their God-given purpose.


Website Development


December 16, 2019


Website, blog


Destiny Network Alliance (DNA) seeks to provide readers and viewers with thought-provoking articles, relevant blog articles, scripture, insight and podcasts. However, their old website lacked visual appeal and uniformity. Also, blog posts were not set up to function like a real blog, which proved to be frustrating to viewers. Readers could not share nor comment on the blog posts, the website did not contain search features, and overall, the user experience was underwhelming. Wanting more for their users, Destiny Network Alliance knew it was time to improve their website and create something new that would benefit their target audience.

Launch Website


WebRevelation knew that creating essential blog functionality was key to DNA’s new website. In essence, the human element of a blog is what makes it appealing to many readers, so WebRevelation set out to make that top priority. While designing a contemporary new website, elements such as layout, user commenting capabilities, easy search functionality, social media sharing, and more were kept top of mind. A dedicated blog page now stores all blog posts for easy reference, and categories help organize topics. A convenient resource library allows readers to view current and past articles. Similarly, podcasts are now housed on a designated page, providing users with an auditory format of obtaining content. Search functionality was implemented to help ensure a positive user experience. This allows users to easily search for their topic of choice, rather than having to sort through pages and pages of content. To make things even easier, blog posts, articles and podcasts are integrated with social media channels for sharing. Readers can stay connected to DNA via an email signup. 

Key Benefits

  • Modern website custom designed for an easy to use blog format
  • Automatic archiving of blog posts and articles
  • Comment section allows readers to interact with DNA
  • Ability to listen to podcast audio
  • Convenient search feature helps users easily find content they are seeking
  • Social media integration grants viewers the option to share blog posts to their social network

WebRevelation is very easy to work with, from the design of a new logo, to getting the design of the site we had in mind, to the training to maintain the site. Everyone we spoke with wanted to make sure we were extremely happy with every facet of the project. And we’re very happy with our website – a far cry from what we had. We highly recommend WebRevelation for website development.

Dan Newberry, President

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