Posted on March 2, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer



I've been looking for a better system of compiling the research I do for blog posts and other projects.


Storing my links, photos, text and citations for these projects on a hard drive long ago ceased to be practical, as I do much of my reading on my mobile phone, but most of my writing on my laptop.  I needed portable storage that I can access from anywhere.  Thumb drives are just one more thing to carry, store, and try not to damage, (and they don't work on my mobile phone, so web-based storage is a must.  I've tried several systems, but haven't really been happy with any of them.  I finally gave up a while back, and just started storing this information in a web-based e-mail account set up for this purpose. 


Finally,  today I found an application called Evernote, and I really like it.  It functions like e-mail storage and threading, but is much easier to categorize and tag.  Photos, web clips, links, audio messages, and text.  The files are called "notes," and these notes can be for shared or individual use.  I also downloaded the "web clipper" for my browsers and I can just right-click on any web page and store the link and/or the page in my notes for quoting later. 


It's very user-friendly to download and use - from the website or from the wireless provider's app market.  The app works as a plug-in, rather than a tool-bar, so it doesn't take up any valuable space on smaller screens.  So far, there isn't anything that I DON'T like about this program. 


All notes can be tagged, so that when it's time to begin writing on a topic, I need only to pull from the notes on that tag.  It's great.  If you would like give it a try, visit  There is a premium version available, but the free version is great.

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