Posted on July 25, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

It never fails: News breaks and within minutes, the scammers update the headlines of their social networking links to either mine users' data or spam everyone.  And far too many people fall for it. Every time.


This weekend was no exception.  The two biggest news events of the weekend (the Oslo tragedy, and the very sad death of Amy Winehouse), are bringing out the spammers and scammers in droves.  I've already has several friends supposedly post a video of Amy Winehouse's death (hint: those friends did not post those videos - they simply clicked on a link to those videos), and at one point during the weekend, Mashable was reporting that the Oslo scam was affecting one user per second.


So, lets review.  You cannot see who is viewing your profile on Facebook. You just can't.  No, seriously, you can't. Many of the online games and applications developed by third parties for Facebook exist primarily as data harvesting devices. And popular news will bring out the scammers. It always will.  So, if you aren't absolutely certain your friend intentionally posted a video (a good way to know before clicking on it is to check to see if your friend added any personal commentary to the video), then don't click on it.  Don't click on any outbound links in your right-hand sidebar.


Remember, if the video is really worth watching it'll be on TV.  Or, your friends will be posting it with comments that leave no doubt in your mind they meant to post the video (as opposed to it being posted by a 'bot).  Stay safe!


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