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This holistic integrative health practice is dedicated to serving patients who want to take charge of their wellbeing. With a strong online component at the core of its business model, the practice makes an evaluation resource available to healthcare professionals that increases efficiency while offering key insights into patient health to improve overall care. The cloud-based service includes creating a comprehensive patient record and analyzing the results of an in-depth online interview, accelerating patient intake and offering expert guidance.


Website Development

Application Development

This healthcare organization was facing an issue with a lack of continuous development to fine tune its online systems and meet emerging business needs. Because the primary health-related software was not integrated with other applications used by the practice, data was being entered in multiple places, creating unnecessary work and introducing the risk of errors. The overall issues with internal processes negatively impacted the client and patient experience.

WebRevelation was brought on board to identify issues and improve the existing custom software to align with the needs of the practice. The peripheral suite of applications was replaced with a single cohesive system, and redundant processes were eliminated. At the same time, the system was properly integrated with relevant third-party applications such as LabCorp to obtain test results faster. The updated, dynamic solution allowed the practice to grow and operate in its desired direction, rather than being constrained by the limitations of the existing piecemeal solution.

Key Benefits

  • Improved communication and provided a better patient experience
  • Made administration easier and eliminated duplicate data entry
  • Offered greater insight into treatment/patient care
  • Allowed practitioners to spend more time with patients rather than managing information 
  • Ensured ongoing/continuous improvement of the system as needed

Web Revelation helped define the scope of an incredibly complex project while directing the development of a novel program that drives the core of our health care enterprise and clinical practice.

James Mahoney, DO, Medical Director 

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