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First Aid Kit



For several months, now, I've been hearing a commercial on the radio in the Tulsa area encouraging us to "Get Red Dirt Ready."  There has been a lot of discussion locally about whether or not that's really Morgan Freeman's voice on the commercials (it sure sounds like him).  Every time I hear the commerical, I think, "I really need to blog about that!" but I keep forgetting.  Today's the day.


Red Dirt Ready is funded by the Department of Homeland Security. I know, I know...but we're going to leave the politics surrounding this agency for another day.  And another blog. The fact remains that this is a tax-payer funded program, so if you're a taxpayer, you should know about it.  There are actually some pretty good resources and common-sense ideas on the site for getting ready for any type of emergency, including an act of terrorism.


If you're not in Oklahoma, go here, to find your state's program.


There's info about putting together a kit of emergency supplies (always good advice), developing a communications plan, and information about specific types of emergencies, like fires, floods, earthquakes, explosions, etc..


There are links to help you get connected with one of several different agencies as a volunteer, or to set up a neighborhood watch.  And then, of course, there are the phone numbers you need to call to report suspcious activity (with no explanation as to what that means). 


I'm wondering if I should report this:


People of Wal-Mart



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