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Evolve Pro Solutions is a manufacturer of industry-leading odor elimination products and a distributor of an ever-growing selection of products for multiple markets to best fit our customers' needs.


Website Development

Application Development


August 21, 2019


Website, B2B E-commerce


The majority of Evolve Pro Solutions' customer base comes from the B2B sector. However, Evolve's old website was not designed for B2B ordering and lacked important capabilities, making it challenging for Evolve to efficiently sell their products to other businesses. Evolve also needed the ability to store company information in their online product e-catalogs, something else their previous website lacked. Furthermore, Evolve's biggest hurdle was not having efficient systems in place for inventory tracking and reporting. Their former reporting tool only sent order placement via email, so finding a system with reporting features, as well as one with saved files, was crucial. The old website also had limitations on payment options, which was certainly not favorable for Evolve. Evolve was finally ready to make changes to their website and application to gain more business and sales.

Launch Website


WebRevelation’s creative team designed a modern website, while ensuring B2B e-commerce features were seamlessly incorporated. Since improving reporting features was critical to Evolve, WebRevelation designed custom, easy-to-use back-end tools. All orders are now stored in one central place, saving valuable time and energy. Automatically storing company information now makes for a more efficient e-catalog. Additionally, users are no longer stuck with one type of payment option and instead, they now have the flexibility to use various payment methods. Buyers are also further educated on products via frequently asked questions & answers, product videos, as well as testimonials found on the new website.

Key Benefits

  • Improved user experience via sleek, modern website designed for B2B e-commerce
  • Moved systems from local to online/web-based environment
  • Convenient business account log-ins
  • Simplified and easy-to-use checkout process
  • Robust sales reporting
  • Discontinued use of 3 rd party solutions

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