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William and Kate


Regardless of how you feel about them, there's no denying the British Royal Family knows how to put on a good show.  It's hard to imagine there is anyone left in the world who doesn't know that Prince William is getting married today...very early in the morning in U.S. time zones.  Following are some resources for either watching it online, or catching up after you wake-up.


The wedding will be livestreamed (and probably available for replay) HERE on YouTube.

You can attend the Facebook Event, and interact with other Royal Watchers on The British Monarchy's Facebook Page.

Find out about how you can donate to a charity in honor of th event on The Royal Wedding's Official Webpage.

You can get a really cheap simulated knock-off of Kate's ring (complete with a hinged decorative velveteen box to keep it in...because you're going to be too embarassed to actually wear it) HERE (I do not recommend this, but the video is funny).

If you want to watch the wedding complete with snarky fashion commentators, check out E! Online's live coverage.

You can follow the @BritishMonarchy on Twitter, and also the #royalwedding hashtag.

Finally, you can check out photos of the British subjects and fans from around the world who have made the trek to be near the event on Flickr.



Also see: Who does this Facebook user think she is...the Queen of England?! Oh, good morning, Your Magesty.



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