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When looking to invest in a new vehicle, you put together a list of everything you need and some of things you want:

  • Gas mileage has to be efficient.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Smooth riding for a smooth driver.
  • Comfortable seats are a must!
  • Sound system - make it sound like I'm at a concert.
  • And of course the car has to be good looking.

You do all of the test driving and negotiating until you have the WINNER in your driveway. Now its bragging time. You tell everyone and their brother about the great deal and the awesome ride you just purchased. You think that everyone should be driving this car because of its performance and all of its luxuries. This is the way that we hope you, our customer, feels about WebRevelation - that you think other businesses would benefit by having one of WebRevelation's good to look at, smooth navigating, reasonably priced, and very efficient websites.

So you tell other business owners about WebRevelation, and in appreciation, your business will receive 2 years free hosting (up to $250 value per year) when your referral purchases and completes a new website!

It's what's called a win-win. You get free hosting and the other business gets an easy to handle, good looking website!

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