Posted on December 17, 2010 by Jennifer Pointer



Ready or not, it's time to start checking that list twice to make sure you have everything you need for Christmas - including Christmas-themed content for your website or blog, if you're wanting to do that this year.  Here are some good places to find free Christmas content.




I've been inundated with Christmas and other seasonal videos on Facebook recently, and I love it.  Most of them are on YouTube, which really is the most comprehensive site for classic Christmas music, funny Christmas videos, and "War on Christmas" footage (for you political, or culture-war junkies). 


Jib-Jab also has some great Christmas animations which you can customize or use as-is.




The search engine,, has a great collection of free Christmas clip-art, as does Google Images.


Wikimedia Commons also has some great photos for Christmas, or try searching the Library of Congress on Google Images.




The Library of Congress is an excellent resource for historical information on Christmas that is in the public domain, and free for American taxpayers (and pretty much everyone else, actually) to use.  Wallbuilders also has a phenomenal collection of Christmas history.  The Coca-Cola Company also has some interesting Americana on Christmas.




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