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Wouldn't you just love to be the person who was smart enough to puchase the "" domain name in 1994?  Me, too.  Imagine the potential, right?  It's too bad they really haven't done anything interesting with the site, but there are a lot of fun ones online this year.  Here are a few.


JibJab's Halloween sendables are great.  Here, you can send personalized, animated greeting cards featuring your own or your friends' mugs.  Because what could be scarier that that?!'s Halloween page has some great educational info about the - you guessed  it - "history" of the Halloween festivities.  Likewise, the Library of Congress has some great Halloween folklore and memories.  Remember, the Library of Congress is taxpayer-funded, so if you're an American taxpayer, you technically own that might as well go check it out!


If haunted houses are your thing, tells you where you can find one near you.


Halloween Movie fans will want to check out Michael Myers'


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has a cute Halloween site with Crafts, games, coloring pages, history, and desktop wallpaper. has an amazing gallery of jack-o-lantern photos - some incredible talent on display there!


The Disney Channel has some family-friendly Halloween videos, at Disney Family Fun...they also have some fun recipes.


What are your favorite Halloween sites?




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