Posted on December 9, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

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The biggest technology new of the week was ALMOST that Pope Benedict XVI used an iPad to light up the world's largest Christmas "tree".  "Tree" is in quotes there because it's actually a fabulous light display on the side of a mountain that looks like a tree.  The Pope has used an iPad in the past to tweet, and do other things.


But at the last minute, Pope Benedict shook up the technology world by using an Android Sony Tablet S to light up the tree


Why is this important?  Well, while I'm not Catholic and normally don't follow what is happening at the Vatican very closely, I think this little news story is wonderful.  It demonstrates that the Catholic church is striving to remain culturally relevant to everyone including the young people who ARE interested in the differences between Android and iPad technology, and tend to feel passionately about their favorite brand. Whether the Pope had chosen to stay with Apple or Google for this event, it also shows that the Vatican is incorporating the most current technology into its activities.


While it is doubtful that the Vatican is interested in actually endorsing either brand, or any of the devices, technology geeks the world over couldn't resist the urge to speculate as to why the switch was made.  The Daily Mail suggested that it might be because of the more flexible open-source nature of the application needed to light the tree.  Apple apparently applications have to be officially approved by the company before distribution.  This idea seems plausible.


 Mashable has more in this video.



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