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About Gellco

Gellco is an outdoor apparel and footwear supplier serving industrial, manufacturing, oil & gas, service industry, and construction firms seeking to equip employees with durable apparel. The company has grown over the years to four physical locations along with mobile shoe stores that travel to the customer. Most of the company’s business is carried out online, and Gellco prides itself on being able to deliver orders to almost any U.S. location within three business days from its centrally located warehouse in Oklahoma.


Website Development

Application Development


July 18, 2016


B2B and B2C Ecommerce


The majority of Gellco’s revenue stream comes from serving the B2B sector. Due to the nature of contract pricing and purchase order negotiation with these clients, the company needed to be able to assign special pricing for each business customer. Using spreadsheets stored locally on desktops made this process difficult. Gellco also struggled to manage and track individual employee spending within each client organization. The interface was not easy for clients or their employees to use. This poor user experience didn’t just impact relationships with existing customers, it left Gellco out of the running for landing bigger clients who would not consider bids from vendors that did not meet their UX expectations.

Launch Website


Gellco turned to WebRevelation to build a new, modernized eCommerce website, moving systems and processes from local devices to an online environment and doing away with old-fashioned spreadsheets. With the upgraded system, Gellco could easily set unique pricing for each client organization. Virtual wallets were assigned to track individual employee spending and admin log-ins allowed employers to monitor and manage spending activity as desired. The new system also included Business Intelligence functionality to support best practices for sales and marketing.

Key Benefits

  • Web-based approach met current requirements and proved scalable to address future needs
  • Customer-oriented functionality served users more easily and effectively
  • Access to analytics allowed company to upsell and cross-sell, increasing profitability of existing client base
  • The company increased its ability to land larger clients and boost revenue

I have been working with WebRevelation for years now. When our website was no longer allowing us to keep up with the demand from our growing customer base, they developed an improved website that we will be able to grow with for years to come. They have always been great to work with and I’m glad to have them as a partner.

Jerry White, Corporate Account Manager

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