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I'm sure you've seen AMBER Alerts along the highways, and in the media.  These alerts let the public know when a child is missing, what to look for, and who to contact if the child is spotted.  In case you haven't, here's a brief explanation from Missing Kids:



The AMBER Alert Program, named for 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies, broadcasters, and transportation agencies to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious child-abduction cases. Broadcasters use the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to air a description of the abducted child and suspected abductor. The goal of an AMBER Alert is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and safe recovery of the child.


The folks at the DOJ have now taken the next logical step, and coordinated with Facebook to make AMBER Alerts available on Facebook, where nearly 600 Million people worldwide collectively spend a lot of time.


If you're on Facebook, click HERE to "like" the state or states in your immediate area to receive alerts near you. 


 Mashable has more information and a video of the press release.


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