Posted on December 28, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

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A few weeks ago, we talked about why it is important to include mobile technology in your social networking repertoire if your target audience includes young people.  QR Codes are an important piece of that mobile technology.  For a refresher on what a QR code is, see What is a QR Code, and Why do I Need One? has a funny article about some of what they acall the "weirdest" things people are doing with QR Codes.  One of those is to include them on gravestones:


"...By adding a QR code to the headstone, let visitors see photos, videos, and biographies of the person at that eternal resting place. The quirky practice started out in Japan, where you can find QR codes just about everywhere, but a Regina company has taken up the practice and is introducing QR codes onto their memorials, too."


Don't worry - I'm not going to suggest you do that (unless you just really want to).  There are, however, some very practical uses for QR Codes that will help you reach out to your customers and potential customers.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently saw a I saw a plumber with a huge one on the back of his vehicle.  Anyone who was driving behind him with a cell phone handy and knew they were going to be needing a plumber in the near future had easy access to his website and/or contact information.  A good place to link to for contact information is your Facebook profile or page. These automatically sync with your customer's contact lists once they either "like" your page or friend you on Facebook.  Google Plus is also a good option for this, but is not yet as widely used.  Restaurant or entertainment venues might also consider linking to their Yelp page.


If you're printing anything - flyers, menus, posters, billboards, mailers, etc., be sure to include a QR code to the page you want your customers or potential customers to visit.  The code can be placed discretely in a corner of the page where customers who are looking for it can find it, but it won't be a distraction to other readers.  Depending on your mailer, this can be to your billing department, or your contact information, or even a special offer.


For any outdoor advertising near your business you may want to consider including a QR Code to a coupon, special offer, or freebie, to encourage drive-in business.


For any in-store advertising or display information, consider including a QR code linking to a YouTube video demostration of that product.  Wouldn't it be fun, for example, to have customers with children be able to watch a pizza being made while they are waiting for their pizza order to be filled?


What other clever ideas do you have for using QR Codes to enhance your marketing efforts? 


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