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After Facebook made some of its recent "improvements," a lot of us lost track of where to keep up with our favorite newsfeed items.  I finally took time over the weekend to find all of my stuff again, and now that I understand it, I actually like the new system.


If you're a Facebook user, you'll want to quickly learn how to find your stuff, too, before they do another update, and we lose everything again! :-) 


You get to your newsfeed by logging into Facebook, and going to your "home" page (this is the default).  The newsfeed is the center section of that page, and sample copies are shown above and below.  From this page, you can either see the "top news," (as determined by Facebook's mysterious algorithm.  These are usually the posts your friends liked or commented on the most), or you can see the "most recent" news, which is broken down into categories.  The default is supposed to be everything on the feed, but don't count on it.  If you specifically want to see status updates, photos, links,  or pages (aha! there they are!) you'll want to check those options.  You can easily switch back and forth between the views from there.  You can also "edit your options" from that menu, from the bottom of the news feed (shown below), and control which users and pages you want to view regularly (note you now have the option to view either "all" of your friends, or the ones you interact with most often - this has replaced the option to select how many of your friends you want included in the search).


To keep specific posts (from specific friends, pages, games, or apps) from showing up in your newsfeed, just click the "X"  on the right side of that post, and follow the instructions.  If you have previously "hidden" posts from specific friends or pages or games or apps, they will appear in the appropriate box in this menu, and you can decide if you want to "unhide" them, and start viewing them in your newsfeed again.    This is a good way to discreetly handle a Facebook friend who uses his newsfeed as a personal stream-of-conscience journal, or who is addicted to the Facebook games - without having to delete the friend.


For more information, see How do I Control what I See in my Newsfeed.


Tomorrow, we'll talk about controlling what we share in other people's newsfeeds.



Facebook Newsfeed (2)


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Jennifer Pointer (e-mail) is in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. 

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