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Sunset for iPhone


The above is for iPhone (Alternate Version for Desktop and for Android)


(UPDATED 04/17/11)


One way to drive traffic to your blog, or to keep your name or brand in front of your clients and potential customers on a daily basis is to offer free wallpapers.  I've provided an example above of a sunset over the Talimena Drive in Southeastern Oklahoma last Fall.  I could have also found a creative way to include my name or company name on the wallpaper, such as by using a watermark or non-obtrusive signature in one corner.


It is important to remember in creating wallpapers that these are the BACKGROUNDS for people's computer desktops or mobile devices, and that they need to be able to easily find their icons on top of the photo.  It's a good idea to keep text to a minimum, and to use patterns that are not too busy, and colors that will contrast with typical icons.  Try them out on your own desktop to get an idea if they'll work or not.


Once you've selected a photo or artwork you want to offer as a wallpaper, you'll need to modify the image to fit standard wallpaper sizes, as follows:


For computer or laptop desktops: 1024x768

For Widescreen: 1920x1080

For Androids: 640x480

For iPhones: 320x480


The exact sizes are not as important to as the dimensions, because most programs will automatically re-size the photos, but you might not want your customers to have to "crop" the photos to fit their screens. Most desktops and androids require photos to be 3/4ths as tall as they are wide, and most iPhones require photos to be 2/3rds as wide as they are tall. The ratio on widescreens is .5625.


I've found the easist way to resize the images to use my (free) Microsoft office picture manager.  I crop to the above dimensions, then resize as needed.  Try it - it's easy and fun!



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Jennifer Pointer is in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. 

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