Posted on July 11, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

So, you've been networking like crazy on Twitter, right?  You've been using #hashtag feeds and following people who have replied to your tweets or retweeted you.  You've been following more and more people as time goes on.  Because on Twitter, there is no expectation that you actually know someone to connect with them, you may have a list of people that you cannot even remember why you followed them in the first place.  But you've checked a service like, and you can see that they're following you back, so you hate to unfollow them, because THAT would be awkward...right?


So I'm not the only one.


The biggest problem is that all of these people are Tweeting like crazy when they're not trying to get more followers.  And who has time to read all of that?  Maybe you followed these people because of one specific mutual interest (a common love of Chinese food, for example), but you don't really are about their minute-by-minute stream-of-conscience tweeting of their emotional well-being and the minutiae of their day.  So, what to do?


An easy workable solution is to click HERE, then  "create a list" of people you actually want to read.  Unless you want to really offend people, you might want to call your list something other than "people I actually want to read," however.  Get creative.  Perhaps name the list after the topic of interest you have in common with those folks (e.g. "fellow job hunters" or "Tulsa Tweeps") or something.  By the way, that's considered cool on twitter - to name things using the letters "Tw..." at the beginning of the word.  You can make your list public or private.


Then, as you go through the list of people you are following (you must be following someone to add that person to your list), or your Twitter feed, you can select people you really do want to read, and add them to your liest.  To do that, just click on that person's profile, and click on "add to list" on the dropdown menu under his or her profile. 


Once you have your list developed, all you need to do when you're short on time and just want to catch up on your "Tweeps," you can go to that list, and just read the tweets of the people on that list.  Try it - it's easy and fun (and will save you time and frustration).



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