Posted on July 20, 2011 by Jennifer Pointer

I sat down one night early this week to enjoy a luscious Porter Peaches (yum!), and catch up on my puppy and kitten videos (those are important!).  I wanted to send one to a friend, but the problem is that it was too long.  Just like the one below is too long. Yes, in the internet age, a cutsie video that lasts longer than your average TV commercial is too long.  Your audience will get bored.


Plus, on this video, the first half is a little unnerving, because until the huge dog actually lies down you wonder if he's going to eat the kitten.  Oh, sorry. I was supposed to say "spoiler alert" before I wrote that. 


Anyway, when you embed a video like I've done below there are a few options available (I could have shown related videos, for example).  But one thing I just discovered today was that if I were to just link to the video in an email or on Twitter, I can control where the video starts playing.  This is done from the YouTube video, by clicking "Share" then "show options" then adjusting the "start at" time before copying the link.  I've done that HERE, to start the video at 1 minute 30 seconds.  Or, you can watch the full version below.  Don't worry - the kitten is fine. Oh, I forgot that spoiler alert again.




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