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Like many folks in Oklahoma and the Midwestern U.S., I spent Tuesday watching the snow pile-up outside.  Of course many of us participated in a running commentary on Facebook or Twitter (because social networking is apparently a good way to deal with cabin fever).  A few of my Facebook friends liked the above photo, so I'm going to use it as an example of one of the things we talked about on Monday: Attract new visitors to your blog or website by including original photos or artwork, and labeling them correctly.  From Monday's post:


A lot of people search for images for their own blog posts, so if you have photos or artwork (cartoons, etc.), that pertain to something that is going on in your area or in national news, be sure to include them with your post.  Remember, the search engines can not yet SEE the photos, and evaluate them based on content, so you'll need to give your photos a title that includes the search terms people will use to search for your photo.  Forget about copyright.  If you're lucky, other bloggers MIGHT link back to you and give you credit for the photo, but in most cases they're going to use and abuse it. Remember, your goal on this particular project is to attract readers, not sell your photo.


For this photo, I chose "Snowmageddon" for a title, because that's what a lot of people are calling this storm.  Instead, I could have also called it something like, "February 2011 Storm," or "Oklahoma Blizzard," because those are common search terms for information on  this week's weather.  Or, I could have put all three of these in the title, separating with commas.  But, using "Snowmageddon," for our example, here's what the HTML on the photo looks like.  The "title" is basically the "tag" or "keyword," or "search term," for the search engines.  the "alt" is text that will show up if the picture download is too slow for your reader's system.  These two do not necessarily need to be identical.



 If your blogging software give you an opportunity to title your post, you can do it there, or you can manually include a title by going to the "source" or "html" view for your posts, and manually typing title="snowmageddon" inside the image brackets as shown above. 


I hope all of you are staying safe and warm, and finding creative ways to use this wild weather for your online adventures.




Jennifer Pointer


Jennifer Pointer (e-mail) is in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. 

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