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HR management systems that save time, streamline paperwork

For a business function that’s supposed to be about people, why does human resources seem to revolve around paperwork? Connecting employees manually to needed forms, manuals and documents consumes far too much time and effort for everyone. The answer? An efficient, affordable human resources management system from WebRevelation.

Our Human Resource Center (HRC) provides a customized electronic hub to safely store, access, submit and share essential documents. By logging into this portal, employees can easily find and submit such items as vacation-request forms, timesheets and project tracking tools. Not only can they download, complete and submit a request for paid time off, they can track its approval status in the system.

Working with WebRevelation You Get What Your Business Needs

Your HR team members can be more productive, spending their time and talents on higher-value activities that improve your company’s competitive advantage. If they’re constantly being interrupted by calls or emails requesting everyday forms and materials, they can’t manage or plan effectively. With an easy-to-use WebRevelation HR management system, employees can do a simple search, download the document they need, supply or update the required information, and upload the completed file for submission. Your Human Resource Center is the ideal place to:

  • Collect employee and emergency contact information
  • Assign, track and schedule training
  • Request, approve and manage time off
  • Track and manage absenteeism
  • Manage recruitment efforts, including applicant information
  • Access manuals and benefits information
  • Consolidate, organize and download documents
  •  Access email and intranet sites
  • Find sales force tools

Minimize disruption and drudgery

With simple yet powerful HR management software from WebRevelation, automate processes to save your employees and HR staff unnecessary effort and frustration. Call us today

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