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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi assistant professor in the photography and imaging department of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts is planning to have a camera implanted in the back of his head for the next year, while he films an experimental documentary of his life from a view he would never actually see.


According to The Wall Stree Journal:


...For one year, Mr. Bilal's camera will take still pictures at one-minute intervals, then feed the photos to monitors at the museum. The thumbnail-sized camera will be affixed to his head through a piercing-like attachment, his NYU colleagues say. Mr. Bilal declined to comment for this story.


The artwork, titled "The 3rd I," is intended as "a comment on the inaccessibility of time, and the inability to capture memory and experience," according to press materials from the museum, known as Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art. Mr. Bilal's work would be among the inaugural exhibits of Mathaf, scheduled to open next month....


Naturally, there are already privacy concerns (seriously? Do students really have an expectation of privacy when their profressors' back are turned?).


This professor has already etablished a reputation for doing things that are...well.... "odd," according to Neowin:


...Mr Bilal is no stranger to controversy. In 2007 he confined himself to a gallery in Chicago for a month, for a project dubbed "Domestic Tension". The public were invited to visit a website where they could ''shoot'' Mr Bilal by remotely firing a paintball gun at him. In 2008 he created ''Virtual Jihadi'', a hack of the 2003 low-budget video game Quest for Saddam. Mr Bilal inserted himself into his creation, taking the role of an Iraqi citizen who joins Al Qaeda to avenge his dead brother by killing then-US President George Bush. ''Virtual Jihadi'' incited a wave of public protest and Mr Bilal's attempts to exhibit his work were blocked by the city of Troy, New York...


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