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If you enjoy sharing photos by e-mail or on your blog or website, you may be wondering which file format is the best one to use.   There are a lot of different file types, but the three that are the most widely accepted by most browsers and website software are .jpg, .png, and .gif.  These are all three good file formats, but they are good for different purposes.


JPEG Example


The .jpg file format is typically the "smallest" file size, and is therefore good for e-mail, and for uploading to blogs which host their own graphics.  It is not good for graphics that include text or for photo editing in Microsoft Paint because the picture will become fuzzy or distorted.


PNG Exampe


The .png format is still usually a relatively small file size, but the picture quality will remain intact for graphics that include text, or are edited in Microsoft Paint (the free software that comes with most computers using Windows).



GIF Exampe


The .gif file format is good for animated graphics.  The picture quality is fairly good, but the file size is unnecessarily large, for graphics that do not include any type of animation.  This file format does not display properly on social networking sites like Facebook.




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