What Product Lines do you Carry?

  • Potential clients DON'T know you or the product lines you carry.  
  • Your sales people AREN’T selling or promoting ALL of your product lines to all of their customers.
  • Your current clients AREN'T aware that you just picked up a New Product Line.

Salespeople only have so much time in the day and only so much effort that they are willing to put forth.  They have their “favorite” product lines that they promote and do a great job at selling, but what about the OTHER 22 lines that you carry? 

Potential clients start looking where to buy a specific product  - and they start online.  Will they be able to find you and that product by GOOGLE searching?  If they find you, what will they think of your website - which is their first impression of your company?

To expand your clients and potential clients' knowledge about the product lines you carry, you need a high-impacting WEBSITE!

1st step - You start by having a GREAT website that looks like it was designed in the last 5 years.

2nd step – You then put Manufacturer Logos, Product Catalogs, and IOMs, so that they know there is ONE location for all of the product information. 

3rd step – Finally you start driving them to your website with useful training, education, and current information that benefits their business.   

Can you handle the BIG projects?  

Contrary to what your EGO may be saying, not all of the engineering, architects, mechanical contractors, and building owners know who you are. 

When the large projects come down the pike, those that don’t know your every move will be checking you out.  They start with your website. 

And either the website will help ESTABLISH that you are a BIG KAHUNA (or look like one) or it will continue the question mark in their head as to whether or not you can handle this big fish of a project.  

The message that you have online is the first impression and potentially the last impression of your team's capability.  If you don't have a current website with information about staff, projects, and products that you carry, clients are going to walk away not having found any confidence with you.

Want to hire the Best People?

You want the best people.  Some of the best talent isn't in the industry, and so they don't know who you are.  They don't know that you are in the Top Ten Places to Work or that you have beer Friday every 3rd Friday of the month.  Where will they start their research on you?  Duh - your website.  Potential employee's first impression of your company and it's culture is the website.  Are you making a great impression?

An e-book by Simply Hired called Tips for Hiring College Grads made these solid points about your online presence.

1.     Make a great impression on the web. Just like your products or services reinforce your company brand, your job postings and company career page convey your employer brand to potential candidates. 

2.    Mobile is a must. Students often spend more of their online time using a mobile device instead of a computer, so make sure your job postings are mobile-friendly.

Studies show that 77% of job seekers use mobile job search, and companies are capitalizing on the trend by ensuring their jobs are viewable and shareable via mobile.

Take it from us: mobile traffic to Simply Hired doubled after the launch of our mobile site (m.simplyhired.com), and continues to be a major source of traffic.  

3.    Social Media 101.  Always include links to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites in your job posting. Every link is a way for job seekers to become engaged with your company and get excited about the possibility of working for you.

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