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Those who have been reading my posts on the WebRev blog for a long time know I seldom use exclamation points in my titles.  But today is an exception, because I'm pretty excited about this new little toy I've found. 


No, I don't even get paid to endorse this product.  I wish I did, because I think it's going to be a pretty big deal.


We talk a lot here on WebRev about protecting and monitoring your online reputation.  Mashable did a post this weekend about How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates, explaining that according to a survey done by, the majority of recruiters surveyed looked at Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIN to screen out potential job applicants before they even called them in for an interview.  These interviewers were looking for things like poor communication skills, inappropriate behavior, and discrepancies between information given on the resume, and information given on social networking profiles in regard to job qualifications and experience (Infographic HERE).


So, I clicked on the link to, and was amazed at the information I was able to get about my online profile for free.  I did let them check my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN profiles, and felt the results were accurate based on what I have (and have not) been posting recently to those profiles.  You can sign up for e-mail updates daily, weekly or monthly.  I would recommend daily if currently seeking employment, and less frequently if not.  You can receive alerts about security and privacy "red flags," (e.g. if an app you've posted to your wall is known to have security risks), or "inappropriate content," (e.g. if a friend posts a link containing offensive language to your wall).  My overview is the first image shown above as an example.


The drop-down under "My Networks," is very interesting, and shows how many of your friends overlap between the social networking sites, how many are on each one, and what types of content they've been posting. The "My Impression" drop-down is the most informative, giving a tag cloud of your most-used words, a graph of your "likes," and suggestions for improving your online image. I've posted a screen shot of part of mine above as an example.


This is a very interesting and useful site - check it out!


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