Posted on March 30, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer


Skillshare is another resource to add to your portfolio if you occasionally have a need to upgrade your skills or the skills of your employees.  Click on the link above to watch a video (in a new window) of an interview that one of the co-founders of this organization (formed about a year ago) gave to TechCrunch


While the program is not in a position (yet) to offer certifications or degree programs and does not qualify for Federal student loans, it has a lot of potential for corporate and individual training programs, casual learning, and learning "for fun." 


Classes can be taught in person or online (most are in-person), and anyone can sign up to be a teacher.  That last part is not as terrifying as it sounds, because the founders are committed to providing both quality resources for teachers and quality training for students, so the company will help you get ready for your first class or upgrade your teaching skills.  The teachers set the price of the tuition, and a very reasonable 15% of what is earned goes to Skilllshare (to help keep the site running).


A list of the feature is HERE, and a list of current classes by city is HERE (or you can just choose "all cities" to get an idea of the types of courses that are being offered).  If you already have skills and want to share them, you'll notice that some of the courses are needing teachers.  If you don't see one that suits you, you might consider posting your own.


It's a very interesting idea, and I'm going to enjoy watching it's progress.  If you decide to take a course (or teach one), I hope you'll share your experience.



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