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About Oklahoma Home Builders Association

The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association (OSHBA) is a well-established and respected trade association with over 2,500 members statewide. Members include builders, lenders, developers, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, real estate brokers, and other professionals serving the residential construction industry. At the core of its mission, the organization works to serve both builders and the public by defining and upholding standards for safety, quality, and professionalism in the industry and advocating for affordable housing for the citizens of Oklahoma. 


Website Development

Application Development

The OSHBA was managing its membership data through an Access database that could only be logged into through a local computer network. Because all information was stored offline, staff could not access it except in the office and members could not log in and update their own details as needed. In addition, users could not easily access OSHBA’s wealth of professional resources. Signing up for certification programs and continuing education courses also needed to be easier to accomplish. Overall, the Association sought to streamline administration and modernize the user experience to deliver greater value to their association members. 



The Web Revelation team implemented an online database integrated with the Association’s website to store and manage membership and user data along with class and event scheduling. This online system could be accessed by staff from any location and included self-service functionality for individual users. With a fully updated website, members also enjoyed exclusive access to resources to help them manage and grow their businesses. 
In particular, the new solution showcased OSHBA’s online contract creation system. The Association had worked with experienced attorneys to develop a standardized contract designed to protect the interests of builders and their customers. Having access to this customizable contract through OSHBA allows builders to easily create agreements that align with industry best practices, promote a high standard of accountability, and reduce the potential for customer disputes.

Key Benefits

  • Virtual administration to manage the system whether in the office or off-site
  • Online payments enabled to simplify new member setup and renewals
  • Self-service implemented to reduce administrative workload for OSHBA 
  • Easy scheduling to boost participation in courses and events
  • Better user experience and exclusive access to high-value resources, attracting more participation from the builder community

For over a decade, WebRevelation has been our website provider. They are a company of high ethics and integrity. They pay attention to detail and offer suggestions to help create an amazing website. They listen well! One of our favorite projects with them was an online contract system for our membership. WebRevelation not only can help with ‘routine’ website issues, they help create solutions to specific needs. We have had a very satisfying relationship and can highly recommend them.

Mike Means, Executive Officer at Oklahoma State Home Builders Association

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