Posted on January 16, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer

As part of a project I'm currently working on, I'm gathering resources for employees who are dealing with a corporate merger, and uncertain about their careers in the near future.  Here at WebRev, we've been providing such resources for the last couple of years, through our jobs and education feeds.


A few of the resources below are gleaned from those feeds, but most are specific to those working in Corporate America, so if you know anyone who might find these useful, we hope you'll share them.  Employees who are uncertain about the future of their corporate careers may be facing lateral moves or demotions within their own companies (or, hopefully, promotions).  Some older employees may be considering early retirement. Some may be wondering if they will be laid off, or whether they should find a new job before they're forced to do so. 


For those planning to remain in the workforce, updating resumes and job skills are a good idea, so I've included several resources for that in the list below. Those planning to retire also need to make some preparations, and I've included a few resources for beginning that type of transition.


Free Career Planning Tools

OK Career Planner

Quintessential Careers

Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

US Office of Personnel Management

Career Path

Tulsa Community College Career Assessment (Free and Paid services)

Careerealism (Because Every Job is Temporary)

Washington State Workforce job interview preparation presentation (Scroll through using the menu at the bottom) Job Loss Assistance Programs


Free Online Education Resources

MIT Open Courseware

Yale Open Courseware

Education Portal (Also the new Education Portal Academy)

 Learn That

Education Online for Computers

GCF LearnFree


Free Retirement Information

Money-Zine Early Retirement Calculator

Money Central: 6 Keys to a Great Early Retirement

Prudential: Retirement Planning

Fidelity: Retirement Planning


 Do you have other online professional development resources you would like to share?



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