Considering Adding The Latest Technologies to Your E-Commerce Business?

Whether you have a warehouse or a network of retail outlets, staying on top of inventory and pricing is the key to keeping profits coming in. At WebRevelation, our experience with these industries (both online and off) has taught us how important it is to have the right automation, data-gathering, reporting, and financial forecasting tools in place and ready to use.

We can help retailers and wholesalers integrate the right technology into every level of their business, including:

  • Automated Marketing And CRM 
  • Shipping And Logistics Tracking
  • Inventory Control
  • Billing And Invoicing 
  • Payroll And Employee Scheduling Software
  • Cost And Cash Flow Projections
  • Automated Ordering And Account Updates 
  • E-Commerce And Payment Processing
  • Search Engine Optimization And Social Media
  • Email Marketing 

You need to make the most of every customer, and every sale. We'll help you ensure that you have the tools you need to maintain strong margins and keep sales growing.

Manage Multiple Stores Or Warehouses

Success as a retailer or wholesaler brings a new set of challenges that come with rapid growth. These often include: 

  • Missing inventory due to theft or poor record-keeping
  • Slow ordering processes that lead to missing stock in stores, and cause you to miss important sales opportunities
  • Out-of-date scheduling and payroll methods that raise your overhead and employee costs

Using web-based software solutions, WebRevelation can allow you to have unprecedented access to data so you can really know what's going on with your business as a whole, or within any specific location, at all points in time.

Manage Employees, Prices, And Inventory In Real Time

For retailers and wholesalers, being able to spot trends – both internally and within your customer base – can be important to keeping your business in the black. If buyers can't get what they want from you, they'll look elsewhere. And, if your pricing or inventory controls aren't accurate, you're losing money with each day and every sale you make.

Modern tools can make these issues a thing of the past. That's because the smartest companies are using cloud software and mobile solutions to make better decisions in real time and let fewer opportunities pass them by.

E-Commerce And Internet Marketing

Of course, the biggest and most profitable opportunities for today's retailers and wholesalers are taking place on the Internet. By getting the most out of e-commerce (or online ordering for wholesalers), entire accounts can be established, grown, and maintained over the web. That means new markets and cost savings for businesses that are poised to take advantage.

With a myriad of e-commerce and Internet marketing solutions like PCI compliant payment processing, custom software design, search engine optimization, IT and email newsletter management, WebRevelation has everything you need to find new profit centers in the digital age.

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