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Racing toward meeting its goal of world domination (my paraphrase), Google is now trying its hand at providing broadband service to rural healthcare providers, beginning last week in Logan, OH.  Basically, this is a project to take advantage of the airwaves that are open now that our TV's have all gone digital.  According to Google's Larry Alder:


I’m in Logan, Ohio, today to announce that Spectrum Bridge, the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, and Google have teamed up to deploy a broadband network using the TV white spaces.

This is an exciting new deployment – the first of its kind for a hospital – demonstrating the potential of the TV white spaces to improve broadband and spark new applications in healthcare. First responder vehicles, hospital grounds as well as the health department are being equipped with high-speed wireless Internet access. Additionally, the hospital is using the network to manage its outdoor video surveillance system.

To prevent interference with other signals, the network is using Spectrum Bridge’s real-time TV white spaces database (to determine TV white spaces availability at any location, check out Spectrum Bridge’s free search tool.)

This deployment is operating on an experimental white spaces license granted by the FCC. Next Thursday, September 23, the Commission will be voting on final technical rules governing the white spaces – a vote that could pave the way for unlicensed white spaces deployments across the country.

We’re excited that the final rules are up for a vote, and can’t wait to see how entrepreneurs and innovators nationwide will use unlicensed white spaces to introduce cool new products and services....(more)


As you may know, for about four years, Google Health has been providing a way for people to consolidate all of their healthcare information in a "convenient" place online.  The health insurance companies began using the service in June 2008.  Since then, over 70 other health records sources and health services companies have joined the fun. 


Naturally, Google has a privacy policy (who doesn't?).  But sometimes mistakes happen, and this is brand-new ground that is being broken in technolgoy. I'm a big fan of Google, actually, and use a lot of their services.  However, those thinking of trusting sensitve health information in the same company that uses their spam and trash e-mails to sell advertising need to remember the recent Google Buzz debacle.  Some information just doesn't need to be on the web (or TV).



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