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This week, we've been discussing Setting up a Facebook Page. Today, lets talk about how to promote and track your page once you have it up and running.


Free Promotion*


Word-of-mouth (or keyboard) is a great form of promotion all over the web, including on Facebook pages.  Link to your page from your own profile, from your website or blog, and from your other social networks.  Invite your friends to your page, and encourage them to invite their friends.  Hold "events," for networking, and promotion.  All of this is free, and costs nothing but your time.


Paid Promotion


Facebook ads are purchased on a bid basis.  You can set a maximum bid per click and per day, and can target your demographics by location, age, sex, keywords, education, workplace, relationship status and interests, and by language. They can also be scheduled to run during certain dates.


Tracking with Insights


Click on the "Insights" box on your page in the left sidebar (visible only to page administrators) to track page traffic, and what percentage of your page's fans clicked on the items on your page.  It also tracks the demographics of your fans.  Note, the stats are run on a seven-day basis, so your stats will be a little sparse for the first seven days your page is active.  You will also be e-mailed updates about the statistics of your page.  If you are running a paid advertisement, you will also be able to track the success of that ad, directly through the ad site.


*Be sure to check out Facebook's official guidelines on what you may and may not do to promote your Facebook page.

Tomorrow, for "Friday Fun," we'll talk about some of the more fun and interesting pages on Facebook.


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Jennifer PointerJennifer Pointer (e-mail) is a trainer and tech writer in Tulsa, OK. She promotes a simple, a low-tech approach to effective online profile management, search engine optimization and social networking. Her weakness is the mocha frappuccino.

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