Posted on February 10, 2012 by Jennifer Pointer


I've been exploring a service this week called, which is an online magazine curator - with both free and premium versions (see pricing and features HERE).  For an individual or very small business, the free version is fine to start with.

Above is a sample of what a magazine by Kathleen Poulous, called "Content Blogging" looks like. 


This service is wonderful for those who like to share large volumes of links with their followers or friends on a daily basis.  Instead of a dozen separate links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., this service allows users to "curate" links from anywhere on the web or within the community into a very neat, professional-looking magazine.


To begin using the service, you simply join the community and follow the easy instructions to start a topic (with a unique title).  There is an optional widget download, or you can simply add links manually.  The system will pull photos from the link and allow you to choose one - similar to the way links are shared on Facebook.  If you want to include a post (microblog) directly in your magazine without a URL, you can do that, too, and even include your own photos on any of your posts if you like. 


Once your topic has some posts, you can share those individually on your blog or social networks, or share the whole magazine.  Your followers can subscribe to your feed and receive your updates in their news readers or by e-mail.  You can also be sent summaries of the items in your magazine that you can use to forward to an e-mail list if you like. 


This is one of the things on the web that really and truly is "easy and fun," so go ahead and give it a try.  You know you want to. 

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